About Me

Sarah Puja Jones

Photo by Deanna Ramsay

I started taking photographs when I was about eight years old. I took a lot of photos of jet streams. I refer to that time as my 'sky' phase. In my teens I began developing black and white prints in my high school and my cousin's darkroom. When digital replaced film I resisted at first but eventually embraced the new creative freedoms that came with it.

When I am behind the camera I become completely present, absorbed and connected to the subject whether it is a flower, dragonfly or a person. The Entrepreneur experience allows me to support other women in creating successful businesses. The Motherhood experience allows me to witness the incredible bond between mother and child. The Goddess Glamour photography experience allows me to combine my love of nature, dressing-up and celebrating the divine feminine principle.




I enjoy dancing especially a partner dance called Contact Improvisation. I am one of the organizers and teach classes at the Sunday Contact Jam in Toronto that has been operating every Sunday for the past 39 years.

I feel extremely blessed to be able to do this creative work with women that not only adds precious memories, supports entrepreneurs and honours the feminine principle but also has the power and ability to transform the way we see and feel about ourselves.


My Fairy Photo Experience

In my early twenties I decided to have photographs of myself taken wearing only the fairy wings that I had made. I wanted to accept the size and shape of my body. When I looked at the photos later I saw myself in a whole different light. I saw myself as beautiful, magical and free, exactly how I felt about fairies. This was the first time that I experienced these feelings about myself.

I love this particular image. I look at it often and it reminds me of the qualities of beauty, magic and freedom that I experienced the first time I laid eyes on it over 20 years ago. These qualities inform my decisions and are at the core of all that I love and hold dear.


The Photo that planted the seed…

This is a photo of my great grandmother Lydia Dunn that was taken by her father in 1895.

Having never met my great grandmother, or Nini as she is affectionately referred to by my family members, I feel like I know her from this photo – free spirited, comfortable in her own skin, an old soul and open hearted.

My mother believes that she and I would have been good friends had we met as we share a lot of interests and have a similar temperament.

This image left a huge impression on me. I can remember staring at this photo as a young girl. I could almost feel the wind that was blowing her dress so strongly.  It was one of the influences for my fairy photo and is the original inspiration for wanting to take photos of women in nature.