'Wow you really caught something real in me at that moment. Thank you so much for the intimate way that you witness as a photographer Sarah.'
~Dana Day Nicole Morrison, Dancer.

'Sarah was warm and professional from the stage of booking, through our photo shoot and right to the end of receiving our photographs. She captured some precious moments of my newborn daughter, husband and I, and we were grateful to have been able to do this family shoot right in the comfort of our own home. Thank you Sarah!'
~Layah Jane, 5Rhythms Dance Instructor and Musician

'Your photographs come straight from your heart. You seem to go right inside the object that you are taking a picture of, you connect with it and ask it how it would like to be represented and then you go for it. I just love, love your work.'
~Shivani Patel, Life Coach

'I am very camera shy; interacting with an object clicking at you is a tough one. Sarah's warmth and talent for taking pictures evoked a true connection to her through the lens. The results were pictures that felt true and revealed my personality.'
~Gayle Carter, Founder of Five Prana Kama Yoga

'Working with Sarah as a filmmaker and photographer was a wonderful experience. She has a way of capturing moments lightly behind the camera, so that the natural remains, while one feels uninhibited to remain present in her presence. Sarah offers intuitive and strategic direction while being open to the ideas and creativity of those she is working with.

I feel so comfortable working with Sarah, as she offers a non-judgemental patience and an inspired ability to keep the event rolling on schedule without a sense of rushing. It is this comfortable environment that allows for her captured work to carry an air of authenticity. I would certainly work with her again and again.'
~Amy Tessler, Dancer

'I appreciated Sarah's creative eye, patience, ability to connect and to put me at ease during our photo shoot. There were some fantastic shots which came from our time together which was a pleasant surprise for someone as camera shy as myself.  I would highly recommend her work.' ~ Valerie Moysey

'I asked Sarah to take pictures of my house that was going up for sale. I believe that the cover picture of the Real Estate catalogue that was made with her picture will be the main clue that will attract people to the house. It was the most beautiful photo ever! It has something that I call "soul". She just has this gift of connecting with the essence of things and people!'
~Alicia Gonzalez, Homeopath


‘Sarah’s ability to be with her subject in the moment helps to create the rich images that she gets.  I’ve worked with many photographers and her way of putting you at ease with her calm demeanor is an absolute plus. It’s a skill necessary to be able to get some of the beautiful sensitive photos that she does. Sarah is truly a gifted photographer and it is a pleasure to work with her.’ 

~Dionne Jobin, Shiatsu Therapist